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Formula Steering wheel for PC - PS4 - Xbox One

Driving a car on a simulator is often very complicated, the reason being that you have to manage a number of different parameters in a fraction of a second. Fuel mix, harvested energy, energy deployed, MGU-H level, MGU-K level, differential, tires temperature, car damages, and numerous other parameters that allow you to really control your vehicle.This difficulty can be overcome using our FORMULA STEERING WHEEL (FSW), with a 5-inch digital display that immediately and clearly shows you all the telemetry data. It comes with functional rotary switches, LEDs, and other buttons that are accessible at a fingertip.

Our FORMULA STEERING WHEEL is compatible with an unprecedented number of platforms. It is compatible with major professional simulators available on the market. It runs on Xbox, PS4, and PC. It can be used with motor bases such as Thrustmaster and Fanatec.


Thrustmaster wheel bases

Fanatec wheel bases

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see some of the formula steering wheel features in action.

Codemasters Formula 2020

Charles Leclerc's dashboard

Formula 3 on iRacing

Sim Racing Telemetry

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