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BJ Hydraulic Pro pedal board.

The BJ Hydraulic Pro pedal board represents the high end of BJ Simracing hydraulic pedal boards. Its components are very present in the world of Rally and drift, being able to enjoy the same pedalboard in both worlds, the real one and the simulated one.

It is composed of pedals machined in aluminum on an iron base to guarantee the rigidity of the structure.

-Accelerator: Mounts a hall sensor without friction or wear, which receives the movement from the pedal through a connecting rod to obtain a precise sensitivity when we accelerate and when we decelerate.

-Brake: This brake equips the same braking components that you can find in real rally or drift cars. These are a 0.75-flow wilwood pump, a Wilwood brand slave cylinder, hydraulic pressure sensor, and high-quality hoses. All this forms an authentic closed hydraulic circuit like the one carried by real cars, reaching the highest possible level of realism and touch. This system does not need maintenance of any kind.

-Clutch: The clutch system works with a frictionless, wear-free hall sensor mounted on a BJ custom 3D printing housing and works through a spring with a specific hardness so that the touch is totally real.

-Electronics: These pedals mount a 16-bit electronics (65,000 steps) from the Leo Bodnar brand, a leader in the industry, providing great sensitivity and precision.

It includes the BJ Simracing universal base, made of 8mm thick metal with a black baked paint finish, it also has a height-adjustable lift to be able to reach the desired position with the pedals allowing a multitude of adjustments.

The base plan with its corresponding dimensions is available in the photos section

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