SRTmotion system + Thanos AMC controller + SRS License


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A reasonably priced system to expand static rigs by a dynamic motion experience. Easy to use and install. Compatible with any software supporting AASD 15A servo driver. The system provides out-of-the box experience (it contains Thanos controller and Sim Racing Studio software). Just mount it to your rig (the mounting brackets are provided) and you’re set!

The set contains:

1. 4 servo motor actuators (with mounting accessories).

2. AASD 15A Drivers cabinet.

3. E-Stop button with RJ45 for Thanos.

4. A full cable harness ( servo motors’ leads, power cord, DB25 or USB cable and E- Stop cable).

5. Thanos AMC Controller.

6. Sim Racing Studio License.


1. Actuators:

  • travel up to 110mm;
  • max. linear velocity: 240mm/s;
  • max. total load for 4 actuators (including the rig): 250kg;

2. Power 110 – 230V / 3kW.

3. 4x DB25 for an external controller or USB for PC connectivity and RJ45 for E-Stop (for controller installed internally).

4. Weight and dimensions:

  • actuator (L x W x H): 80mm x 80mm x 580mm / 6.2kg;
  • drivers’ cabinet: 600mm x 450mm x 300mm / 21kg;



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