InnovativeElectronic Direct DriveTechnology

Leading the Race of Simulation revolution

Ultra Low Latency

Wireless Power Transmission System

10 N·m Super Torque

Three-phase Hybrid
Stepper Motor

Multiple Driving Modes

Plug and Play

3 Independent
Control CPU

Firmware Online Upgrade

InnovativeCustom Aviation Aluminum BodyTechnology

The base fuselage is made of high standard alloy aluminum and processed by CNC. The surface of the fuselage has undergone multiple processing steps such as sandblasting and oxidation resulting in a simple yet elegant color effect and a pleasant surface feel.

High Quality Touch of Carbon Fiber Panel

The main body is embedded with true Carbon Fiber plaques at the front and back which greatly enhances the product texture and introduces elements from real race technology

Multi-core Collaboration and Perfect Feedback

The three CPUs operate motor control, game effect and USB real-time communication. This results in real time, fast and complete transmission of every force feedback detail enabling the driver to accurately judge and contol the vehicle status at every moment.

Easy and Fast plug and play

The quick release system derived from real race cars breaks the boundary between simulation and reality. Innovatively uses multiple wireless systems and eliminates the traditional complex wired integration. It can be assembled and disassembled quickly in seconds and is both firm and flexless.

Perfect Support for Multiple Peripherals

It can be adapted to SIMAGIC's multiple wheel rims and other peripherals. our products give you a complete and realistic simulation experience; a real revolution in racing e-sports is within reach.

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